Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support

The cold and flu season is almost here and this year we need to be especially aware of how we can remain healthy. This is particularly important as we continue to receive developing information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please remember that at our practice, we work with a number of clients with disabilities and complex needs, which can sometimes include compromised immunity.

As usual, we kindly request that you do not attend your appointment if you or your child are unwell. Rather, we ask you to please contact reception as soon as possible to reschedule. If any other family members (e.g. siblings) are unwell, please do not bring them to the practice.

If one of our staff members is concerned that you are not well enough to attend the practice, you will be asked to return home and call us to make alternate arrangements.

What if you have been traveling?

In order to keep everybody safe please call us if you or someone close to you has been traveling.

What to do if you are feeling worried?

We understand that there is a great deal of anxiety in the community about this virus. As such, we encourage you to talk to your clinician about your concerns so that we can provide you with strategies to assist with any anxiety you may be experiencing.

Our clinicians have compiled some resources that may be of use when explaining this information to children. We would prefer to do this during sessions however, as some of the content requires additional explanations and modification.

We have developed a social story to assist you when communicating information about coronavirus to young children. It also has some information on how it might affect their appointments at our practice. All clients will be emailed a copy specific to their own treating psychologist. However, you can download a generic version here.

Possible changes to appointments in the future.

As you are aware, we are gaining new information about the virus and how to manage it each day.

At this stage, appointments will proceed as usual if clients and staff members are well. This may change in the future, so it is important that you stay up to date with information from us.

We are, however, aware that some clients in high risk categories may be reluctant to attend appointments. If this applies to you, please contact reception immediately so that we can talk you through some alternate options. We want to assure you that we have new procedures in place to assist you to remain healthy.

You can stay up to date with any changes here at the practice in the following ways:

  • Checking for emails that we have sent
  • Checking our website updates
  • Follow us on social media (Facebook)

How will this affect your support from us?

As a result of our additional health and safety measures, you may see some changes around the office when you visit. Some of these are outlined below so that you can prepare your child for this if you think it is necessary. Some changes may include:

Not having access to the usual toys or books in the waiting area and consultation rooms. There will also be reduced access to shared resources including toys, fidget toys, books, pencils/textas and visuals. You might therefore consider allowing your child to bring some of their own toys to play with.

Additional measures to keep high contact surfaces (including the EFTPOS machine) will also be in place.

Please note that additional precautionary procedures may be required in the future. Once again, it is important that you stay up to date with any changes here at the practice.


We are all fortunate to be a part of a very considerate and supportive community here at Asciak and Associates. As such, we are confident that we can work together to overcome any challenges that may arise over the coming weeks and months.

Where to from here?

We would encourage all clients to become familiar with the current advice from the government. Please see the two main links below.

Additional helpful links can also be found below:

  • Updated information from the World Health Organisation (WHO)