Important update to waiting room procedures

On 20th March, the government introduced new guidelines for how we can best remain healthy. This involved increasing the amount of physical distance between people when in the community.

To see the new guidelines, please click on this link.

In order to keep us all healthy, we would like to reduce the time clients are spending in our waiting room. We will be making changes to your usual waiting room experience as of Monday 23rd March 2020. These new waiting room procedures will be in place until further notice.

The changes include:

  • We will no longer be processing your payments at the front desk.
    • You will now be sent an invoice for your appointment via email in the days leading up to your appointment. This will be from our usual practice management software.
      • You do NOT have to make payment before your appointment time, but you will be required to make your payment on the day of your appointment.
      • Details for electronic funds transfer will appear at the bottom of your invoice. Please include your invoice number as the reference when making your online payment.
      • If you do not feel comfortable with online payments, please arrange to make your payment over the phone with reception by calling (02) 4706 9536
    • We will no longer be accepting cash payments.
  • We will no longer be processing any rebates at the front desk. You can submit a Medicare claim online using either your Medicare online account through myGov or by using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app. You will also need to claim your private health insurance rebates independently. If you are concerned that this will have a significant negative financial impact on you, please let reception know prior to attending your appointment.
  • We will no longer be booking your appointments at the front desk. You can make appointments directly with your psychologist at the end of your appointment. Alternatively, you can make your appointments over the phone by calling reception on (02) 4706 9536.
  • We are recommending that you do not spend time sitting in our waiting area. Our psychologists will be adhering to strict time limits on all appointments. This will allow them time to be ready to see you when you arrive. If you arrive early, or your psychologist is not ready, we will encourage you to either wait in your car or out the front of our office under the shelter of our veranda. We will then let you know when you can enter your consultation room.
  • Our receptionist will be modelling how we can all follow the new physical distancing guidelines. Please prepare your children that our receptionist will not be available to play games or chat with them in the usual way.

If you are unwell or do not feel comfortable with face to face appointments, please call reception so that we can talk to you about the other options we have available.

Once again, it is important that you keep up to date with any changes that may take place here at Asciak and Associates in the coming weeks. Please continue to check for emails from us. You can also get regular updates on our website and /or Facebook page. It will be especially important for you to have the most updated information when you know you have an upcoming appointment.