What is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist?

An Educational and Developmental Psychologist has specific skills and knowledge regarding the development and education of people throughout their lives. More specifically, this service has specific experience working with clients from the early stages of infancy, right through until young adulthood.

An Educational and Developmental Psychologist has specific training and experience providing a range of psychological assessments for children and adolescents (including pre-schoolers).

They also have experience in providing evidence based psychological interventions for children and adolescents. Where possible, these focus on the early identification of difficulties and early intervention to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Parents, teachers and professions may decide to make a referral to an Educational and Developmental Psychologist when they have concerns about a young person’s:

  • Cognitive or emotional development
  • Learning difficulties such as reading, writing and mathematical difficulties
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Emotional difficulties or mental health concerns
  • Separation anxiety and school refusal
  • Transitions to school and school readiness
  • Friendship or social difficulties
  • Low self esteem

Educational and Developmental Psychologists also have the skills to assist with:

  • Diagnosis of specific disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities
  • Identifying and assisting gifted and talented students
  • Parenting issues and family conflict
  • Study skills, organisation skills and career guidance
  • Building resilience

For more information, please visit the website for the APS college of Educational and Developmental Psychologists:                       http://www.groups.psychology.org.au/cedp/about_us/

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