Assessments for Autism

Commencing an assessment for an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be a very daunting and stressful task. Therefore, they must be carried out by a professional with additional training and experience in the field.

We do not recommend or proceed with assessments for Autism unless we believe that it is an important step in understanding a client’s needs. If you are unsure if this is right for you, ask for an initial consultation, and your psychologist can walk you through the process and help you determine if an Autism assessment is warranted.

Autism assessments are complex, requiring advanced skills and additional training. Our clinicians are committed to using the gold standard assessment tools, which help us ensure the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Our reports are highly detailed and provide enough information to obtain a second opinion if you choose to do so.

Please find below a brief outline of what you might expect when completing an autism assessment.

Session 1 involves an initial interview. Options for how best to proceed with the assessment are discussed to ensure that the process meets your individual needs.

Session 2 involves a structured clinical interview. This will take 2 hours to complete with you and is an opportunity for you to give as much detailed information as possible about your concerns.

Session 3 involves a structured observation, which takes approximately 1 hour to complete. This allows the clinician to directly observe some of the concerns you raised during your first interview directly. Autism assessments for young children typically include a parent in the room for this appointment.

An adaptive behaviour assessment is typically included in Autism assessments to understand each client’s individual support needs.

A standard diagnostic report will be completed to explain the assessment results and provide recommendations on how best to support the client. However, longer and more comprehensive reports are available to assist with future funding applications.

Clients can choose to book a fourth feedback session after receiving their report. This session can help explain the report, and your psychologist can review any questions about future intervention planning.

Please don’t hesitate to call our service so that we can answer any questions you might have before booking your first session.

Medicare rebates may be available for sessions with a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist referral to clients under 25 years of age.

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