Why Choose Us?

“Children and adolescents are not just small adults any more than a sprout is a small tree”Dr. Steven C. Hayes.

We understand that children and adolescents have very different needs to adults; for psychological intervention to be most effective, young people often need to have an experience that is different from a “typical” adult psychology appointment. Our additional skills in understanding the developmental needs of children and adolescents is used to personalise the psychological assessment and treatment plan for each client. We include creative and engaging tasks into many of our sessions and this means that our clients are more likely to practice and master the new skills we teach them.

All of our psychologists have had specific training and experience in working with children from as young as 2 years of age up to 18 years of age. However, some of our clients even continue to receive services from us after they turn 18, in order to support their transition into adulthood.

At Asciak and Associates, we are incredibly passionate about working with young people, and we feel privileged to be invited into our clients’ lives. We believe that YOU are the expert in your child and we are passionate about working collaboratively with parents and caregivers. We also endeavour to work with the teachers and other professionals involved in your child’s life so that they can meet their own unique potential.