How do I know what sort of assessment I need?

How do I know what sort of assessment I will need?

If you believe that your child requires an assessment, your first point of contact will be with our receptionist Gabriella. She will ask you a few questions to help determine how best to proceed and will book in an initial appointment for you to meet with the Psychologist to discuss your child’s needs. Gabriella may also book in a tentative date for your child’s assessment which will be confirmed after you meet the psychologist. Gabriella may be able to provide you with some general details about the fees for assessments.

In some special circumstances, elements of an assessment can be omitted. This usually only occurs when part of the assessment has already been completed by another clinician (such as a school counsellor). If this is the case, your psychologist will guide you as to the best way to proceed to ensure that a comprehensive assessment is still provided.

At your initial appointment, the psychologist will discuss the best assessment to meet your needs. We will then be able to give you a clear and comprehensive breakdown of the assessment schedule of fees.

More information

For more information on services and fees, please contact reception on (02) 4706 9536