What to expect from your appointment

When you call to make an inquiry at Asciak and Associates, our receptionist will ask you a few questions about you and your child, and what kind of support you would like from our psychologists. She will ask you some questions such as your child’s age, what school they attend and your concerns about their emotions and behaviour. This is so that we can gain as much information as possible in order to match you and your child with the most appropriate psychologist. Sometimes there will be waiting period for particular services. Our receptionist will inform you of any waiting lists once she knows which service you require.

In general, the first appointment we make will be for you to attend without your child. This is so that the psychologist can get a thorough understanding of your child and their needs, without your child becoming bored or feeling “talked about” in the session. If you have any documents that you think will helpful to understand your child and their needs, (e.g. occupational therapy or speech pathology reports), please bring a copy along to your initial appointment. The Psychologist can also discuss any questions you may have about how best to prepare your child for their first appointment.

Your child will usually visit the clinic on the second appointment. The purpose of this appointment is for the Psychologist to begin building a relationship with your child. If you would like to prepare your child for this session, explain that it is a “getting to know you” appointment. Parents are often invited to remain in the initial session depending on the age of the child and the nature of your concerns. Young children are encouraged to bring along any toys or games that they are familiar with to help them feel comfortable. We also have lots of fun activities that your child can play with here.

Once the Psychologist has a clear understanding of your child’s needs as well as your goals for change, an intervention plan will be discussed with you. This will be reviewed periodically with you and your child so that we can measure how effective the treatment plan is.

Some of our students require Psychological intervention for short bursts of therapy to learn specific skills to build their resilience. Other students may develop quite a long-standing relationship with their psychologist, as their ongoing support needs change and evolve.